Connected Systems

Mosquito Blasters can professionally install a mainline injector to your existing property irrigation system to provide a total property or zoned property protection system. Once the injector is installed, Mosquito Blasters will visit as needed to replenish the concentrate and service the system or we can supply the concentrate to you for your own maintenance. 

Constant Barrier Reinforcement

Our specially applied pest barrier offers great protection however the degree of effectiveness varies with property conditions and the weather so reapplication is required every three to four weeks. The automated scheduling or on demand ability of a Sprinkler Connected System provides a steady level of protection.

Total Property Protection

Works with Fertilizer Too!
The Mosquito Blasters Sprinkler Connected System also works with fertilizer. Just imagine how much you can save versus a manually applied service!

How much does a Sprinkler Connected System Cost?
  • An average system installation costs $895.
  • Full maintenance per season costs $349
  • Do it yourself costs $159 for concentrate.​

Instant On Protection for a Cook Out!
The regular Mosquito Blasters service is a fantastic value . We are only able to offer this great pricing because we have thousands of clients and we perform services along efficient routes. 
There are times when a large storm has passed, it has been a few weeks since your last service, and you have an outdoor event planned. With a Sprinkler Connected System, you can simply blast a few hours before the event with a manual flip of your irrigation system.
Total or Zoned Protection
The Mosquito Blasters Sprinkler Connected System works with your existing system. You can choose to add Mosquito Blasters to your entire property or choose to add it to specific zones with the flip of a switch.

For example, you may have a large property and wish to conserve Mosquito Blasters concentrate - simply run the inline system only in the areas you frequent around your home.